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Glassing the deck

Had a day free and brought in some help to get the deck glassing done. 6 hours flat out. All went fine and the peel ply went on fairly smoothly. Being a single layer it was much faster than the hull, some taping on the seems. This was fortunate as it was 28 deg C in the boat yard and the epoxy was just going off as we finished.

Getting the deck on

Well I am under a bit of pressure to get the boat ready for paint, a window in mid August is available and it must be ready!

The fitting out of the cabin took longer than I expected, and moving back to the pre-cut ply from the kit for the deck saw an immediate increase in the speed of construction. Everything slotted into place and making the dog house applicable for my needs was simple enough.

The hatches took a bit of time to make flat surfaces, I used ply and sanded / planned to shape.

I am now ready to glass the deck, 450g/m2 will be used, peel ply and some taping. I am really focused on leaving a surface that requires a minimum of fairing. The hull took a month to fair and I don’t have that time for the deck. I’m woking on the fact that I’ve spent several hours sanding the deck to a near enough perfect smooth finish that providing the glass matting goes on well I should be a good place once the peel ply comes off. Anyway we will know next week.

Dry fitting some kit

Painting done, very pleased. Time for some fun dry fitting. Put in all the through hulls, sink outlet, sea water in for sink tap, toilet waster and toilet sea water in. Also did the speed / depth transducer. All holes cut slightly oversized then filled with epoxy then core drilled to correct size. No ply exposed, all protected by 1mm of epoxy.

The bilge pumps and hose went in, whale subs, low profile and have a good inbuilt water sensor to activate. I’ve exited both into the cockpit. One is in the forward cabin, the other in the main cabin. I’ve installed a manual bilge pump in the cockpit that will drain the main cabin.

The battery boxes are in, one each side in the waterproof lockers under the bunk sides. I’ll run cables in a plastic tube across the floor shortly. Not put any electical cables in yet.

I fitted all the 3 switch panels and 2 battery monitors plus the VHF/AIS and a small stereo, mainly for the radio and some music, couple speakers. Whilst working out the switches I would need it was more than I thought! I wanted to make sure I future proofed it, as adding a new panel next year would be more hassle than having 6 spare switches now.

The sink and taps are in, will secure them permanently next week, they look fine. Need to add some laminated wood around the chart table and galley. I chose a jet boil for my cooking needs. On the gimbal it will swing around without obstruction. Plus you can detact the cooker and on a tripod use it on the galley surface to heat a frying pan when on the anchor / marina. I could not fit in a proper stove and the sink. The white recessed mini sink is just a secure place to put water bottles and the jet boil cup when adding food to it without it tipping over.

Got some cushions in a month or so coming. Must deviate from white and choose a colour, probably grey.

The 600×600 hatch went in for the main bulkhead. It’s huge, but needs to be that size to get through with any degree of ease. I put some hand holds in either side of the bulkhead, seem to work well. The headroom is a bit limited, but fine really.

The Gebo hatch is a great bit of kit, good price and top quality. The stays are really easy to use and effective.

Really enjoyed this part. Next it’s time to run the cabling and get the deck on.

Painting the inside

HPE High Build Epoxy Primer. This was my choice for the inside paint job, cabin, cockpit lockers and basically everywhere inside. It is a really good protector of the marine ply. Everything had one or two coats of regular epoxy then 3 to 5 coats of the HPE.

The HPE needed gentle sand back after each coat, does give a nice smooth finish, albeit 10’s of hours. It seems a bit prone to marking by say black soled shoes. Nothing I can do now, maybe next year put some other paint on the inside if it scuffs too much. The HPE only goes super hard after 10 days so see how it plays out.

I must say the painting with rollers and full face mask and suit was hot work and took a long time. Glad that bit is over. It does look very white now. Leaves a satin finish. Might have to do a few bits grey to mix it up a bit.

Someone advise me to us these mirka sanding pads with a foam back. 200 pads for £25, these are magic. Flexi pads. For getting into the corners they really work well and leave a great finish. P150 was my choice.

More main cabin

Hi there, been a busy month, feels like slow progress but lots of fiddly jobs done. I’ve coated most of the inside now with epoxy and will finish that off with satin white next month.

The galley is pretty much finished, sink and taps, one fresh water and one sea water are installed. The through hull holes are drilled. I over sized the initial holes then filled them with epoxy then drilled the correct size. Leaves no exposed plywood. Same taken for the sea toilet holes in the front cabin.

The batteries are going either side, holders made. I’ve put in as much storage as I can in the galley and chart table areas. Plus lots of access hatches / open holes so getting to all the plumbing and electrics will be fine.

I used formica sheet for the chart table and galley top. Should last well and resistant to scratches.

Most of the electrics have arrived, test fitted the chart plotter / VHF / stereo. The batter isolator is ready to go in. Getting close now to dry fitting all the cables.

I spent far too long making the step up to the cockpit. Laminated mahogany to get the curves, so should work well when heeled over. Plus the base of the washboard is extended so a comfy seat when underway.

Will get the hatch frames made up soon so the deck can go on.

Main cabin

Been a couple weeks of flitting between front cabin and main cabin, small jobs with the sanding and finishing off the front cabin storage lids and getting them all sealed with epoxy. That is pretty much done now and I have ordered the plumbing and skin fittings for the toilet.

The main cabin has taken plenty of time getting the floor in and fitted correctly. I cut it into 3 sections so it is easy to remove and routered a hundred odd holes for drainage and presentation. If any water gets into the boat I want it straight through the floor boards to the bilge.

The galley is coming together, small sink and a recessed place for the jetboil cup to locate. Some storage below and a place for the water container. 2 x 10l under sink that the fresh water pump will connect so the tap can function. Also installing a sea water pumped tap for cleaning.

The nav station is still a bit of WIP, dry fitting to work out cable runs. There are going to be a fair few cables going in, I’ve put in lots of access panels so should work out alright.

I’ve gone for 2 waterproof storage cupboards under the bunks. A battery in each one. The regular storage in the aft bunk area.

Started epoxy coating all the ply and getting ready for paint!

Front cabin / sea toilet

Some interesting woodwork building the frames and boarding for the division of the space in the front cabin so I can fit the sea toilet, a Jabasco Compact, height is perfect to go under the horizontal boarding for the mattress to go above.

I made three storage lockers and lids, all 9mm marine ply. Glassed it all in. There are some bits more to do on that front, but I leave the glassing for when I’ve lots to do as it has a long set-up time and laying, plus I have slow hardener so needs a couple days to set to full strength. The boarding over the toilet is in two parts with an added plank underside to aid fitting and strength.

It was very satisfying getting the toilet dry fitted and planning the water in and out pipes. They will need to run up the side of the cabin. That will be done next month when I fit all the fittings and run the cabling around the boat.

I have put some extra glass around the bow on the inside for the bowsprit attachment points. The 1/3 height bulkheads making up the lockers also act as added strength being glassed in 9mm ply.

Inside dry fitting

The part I’ve most been looking forward to for sure. I’ve been keen to fit a sea toilet from the get go, as I’ve little motivation for a bucket. They are really very compact and only 4kg. I got one and test fitted it in the forward compartment. It certainly fits under the boarding for the bed. I need some more 9mm marine ply then I’ll cut out the covering. I’ll make a few slats that are easy to remove with a cushion system also easy to move aside when needed. Even seems to be enough head room when on the throne. Phew!

Cockpit sheets from the kit are brilliant and little little fettling to get into place. I’m making two locker lids and will have a couple storage openings. more to come on that. What I will say is the cockpit feels much bigger than I expected. Lots of room for 4 people.

The inside in the main cabin is roomy as well, not lots of headroom, but enough to sit comfortably. I have copied Dan’s idea of nav station cut out for feet. A great idea, I’m glad I saw that on his blog. It is all very rough cut at the moment. I have the electrical panel to make up before committing much more. Not sure exactly where to locate that yet. Batteries are going under the bunks, one each side. Campervan sink ordered with pump from 10l bottle. Jetboil and gimball ordered for cooking. Once I have those I can commit to the galley layout.

I have gone for Gebo hatches, they should arrive soon and I can get going with the bulkhead cutout and companionway cut out. Feeling more confident I’ll be ready for after easter now if the sails and rigging are available.

Glued in the chain plate backers and glassed in the keel timbers, a bit overkill but at the time I was putting the batteries between them. Since changed that.

Front crash box installed and glassed in. Confident that can take a significant hit now.

The Inside

Just a few photos of the inside of the hull. I have started sanding and getting ready to begin fitting out. I will start in the bow and work back. Sea toilet it gong in the front cabin under the bed. Hopefully it will fit! The hatches will be ordered this week. Most of the electronics are purchased and can be dry fitted in a weeks, looking forward to that. In the meantime lots of sanding and making it all look neat and tidy. I was over zealous with the epoxy filleting and in hindsight should have tidied it up better when originally applying it.

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