What sort of cool kit will the yacht need? Navigation / Furling Asymmetric / Wind Vane / jet boil ???

Started to look at some electronics, will go down the B&G route. They sponsored the Lonely Rock Race in the UK here. Proof in the pudding is that 22 of the 30 entrants in the Vendee Globe use BandG kit. I really like their information presentation and of course their logo is great!

See here https://www.bandg.com/en-gb/

I’ve ordered the Vulcan 9 / Wireless Wind / Tiller pilot / Speed, depth transponder / VHF AIS receiver and transponder. The wind instrument is solar powered and can be removed for certain official race events. As can the speed (I can lock the rotating paddle wheel when needed but still keep the depth operational. The Vulcan looks incredible with AIS overlay and lots of really useful software to assist in getting the boat speed up.

One great bonus of building a boat from scratch is being able to run a single supplier electronics pack, that appeals to me. The choice otherwise is Raymarine, but I’ve used them before and fancy a change. Never had new Raymarine kit though so I’m sure they are just as good.

There are some restrictions for the 580 to be compliant for the official race series, but these can easily be accommodated with the BandG kit selected.

Going to put in a Jabsco sea toilet in the front cabin. Might be a bit of extra weight but some home comforts are needed.

Close to getting a front panel for the electrics designed. I’m going to make one myself with all the switches / fuses. I cannot find one from a supplier that has the layout I want. I’ve got 2 NASA battery monitors now, voltage / amp in-out / battery charge left. The compact ones looks great and will fit into a custom panel.

Think I will use 2 x Ctek chargers M15 or M25 for the shore power charging. They are marine spec and seem to do the job. Marine 2 bank battery chargers are more expensive and do the same job but Ctek product seems to be a better charger.

Had a bit of a look at solar panels, but am going to wait on deciding on these until I know the amount of deck space available.