The story of a Class Globe 580 yacht build number 46

Month: May 2022


Launch was successful, it floats and mast went on fine. Fortunately the boot line was accurate and gives 7cm above waterline which should convert to about 5-6cm when all the kit goes in.

I used the Tohatsu 6hp Saildrive first to take the boat to my sailing club from launch club. I was keen to calibrate the Chartplotter and see the motoring speeds.

Calibration was automatic following a few buttons, GPS v tide. The B&G kit is really good and makes it simple to set-up in minutes.

Full speed saw 6 to 7 knots boat speed and half revs just under 5 knots. Perfectly satisfactory.

A day away from launch!

Seems like a long time to get the last few jobs done so we can launch. Tiller extension fitting. Getting the lead bulb fitted. Fitting the keel. All time hungry consumers. Fun though. I really enjoyed the electrics and getting them all working and looking neat and tidy. The heat shrink labels are brilliant. I’ll let the photos do the talking! Just quickly, the keel and lead bulb was a tricky bit of work, not that enjoyable. Had to outsource the lead melting, was not comfortable doing it in the garden!

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