The multi-tasking continues, lots of jobs that need pushing along. Mast is just pending the rivets going in. All lines run and wires. Rolling furler is built and ready to install.

The wiring is pretty much done now, that took a while! Not done the lighting, but that can wait. Solar panel / shore power charging / battery monitors. Two systems, so one battery works for autopilot only. I found an isolator that activates 1 and 2 batteries independently, then if you want you can link them so a bit of a fail safe.

The galley is done, sea water pump tap and a fresh water tap and pump from water bottles.

Got a couple USB chargers. The solar panel seems to work well. 35w, can charge both batteries or prioritise the one needing more charge. It won’t keep up with all the loads running, but will just about keep the chart plotter going.

The bulb is getting done next week hopefully and the keel is being welded aswell.

I think I will launch before all the stantions and push pit is done, see how it goes. Everyone is very busy and getting outsourced jobs done is a bit slow.