The challenge is on to get the boat in the water by April 22. Lots of smallish jobs to do. Keel welding / bulb lead making / electrics / all the deck gear / pulpit etc.

I thought these jobs would be fairly quick, but doing them all just right is taking many many hours. Oversize drilling all holes and filling with slightly thickened epoxy then drilling correct hole size. This is happening on all the holes inside and out. Doubles time but satisfying. Sikaflex to seal everything.

Toilet is in and plumbed in. Sink is plumbed in. I’ve started the electrics, chart plotter in. Still designing the circuit, just waiting for the solar panel and controller.

All lines in the mast are run, just have the the power cable and antennae cables to run. It is getting a bit closer. Late April for launch now I’d say.