Class founder Dom McIntyre put a call out to all Globe 5.80 builders in May for a boat to exhibit at the UK boat show. I decided the opportunity would provide an incentive for me to get on with my build. In mid June, Dom confirmed the exhibit would go ahead.

At that stage I was dry fitting the cabin but had neither glassed the deck, nor got anywhere near fairing and painting. With the support of the boat yard I am building at, I managed to complete the dry fit out, glass and fair the top side and get the whole boat painted.

I used AwlGrip fairing compound, Gurit epoxy and Nautrix metallic ‘Caribbean Blue’ paint.

The painting was complete just 2 weeks prior to the show. As I write this, the boat is on stand J159 inside the “Ocean Hall” in the show and has attracted a fair amount of interest. I have included some pictures below of the boat at the show and me finally meeting Dom in person.

There is still so much more for me to do after the show. The positive comments from UK press and other visitors to the stand has been great.