The story of a Class Globe 580 yacht build number 46

Month: July 2021

Glassing the deck

Had a day free and brought in some help to get the deck glassing done. 6 hours flat out. All went fine and the peel ply went on fairly smoothly. Being a single layer it was much faster than the hull, some taping on the seems. This was fortunate as it was 28 deg C in the boat yard and the epoxy was just going off as we finished.

Getting the deck on

Well I am under a bit of pressure to get the boat ready for paint, a window in mid August is available and it must be ready!

The fitting out of the cabin took longer than I expected, and moving back to the pre-cut ply from the kit for the deck saw an immediate increase in the speed of construction. Everything slotted into place and making the dog house applicable for my needs was simple enough.

The hatches took a bit of time to make flat surfaces, I used ply and sanded / planned to shape.

I am now ready to glass the deck, 450g/m2 will be used, peel ply and some taping. I am really focused on leaving a surface that requires a minimum of fairing. The hull took a month to fair and I don’t have that time for the deck. I’m woking on the fact that I’ve spent several hours sanding the deck to a near enough perfect smooth finish that providing the glass matting goes on well I should be a good place once the peel ply comes off. Anyway we will know next week.

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