The story of a Class Globe 580 yacht build number 46

Dry fitting some kit

Painting done, very pleased. Time for some fun dry fitting. Put in all the through hulls, sink outlet, sea water in for sink tap, toilet waster and toilet sea water in. Also did the speed / depth transducer. All holes cut slightly oversized then filled with epoxy then core drilled to correct size. No ply exposed, all protected by 1mm of epoxy.

The bilge pumps and hose went in, whale subs, low profile and have a good inbuilt water sensor to activate. I’ve exited both into the cockpit. One is in the forward cabin, the other in the main cabin. I’ve installed a manual bilge pump in the cockpit that will drain the main cabin.

The battery boxes are in, one each side in the waterproof lockers under the bunk sides. I’ll run cables in a plastic tube across the floor shortly. Not put any electical cables in yet.

I fitted all the 3 switch panels and 2 battery monitors plus the VHF/AIS and a small stereo, mainly for the radio and some music, couple speakers. Whilst working out the switches I would need it was more than I thought! I wanted to make sure I future proofed it, as adding a new panel next year would be more hassle than having 6 spare switches now.

The sink and taps are in, will secure them permanently next week, they look fine. Need to add some laminated wood around the chart table and galley. I chose a jet boil for my cooking needs. On the gimbal it will swing around without obstruction. Plus you can detact the cooker and on a tripod use it on the galley surface to heat a frying pan when on the anchor / marina. I could not fit in a proper stove and the sink. The white recessed mini sink is just a secure place to put water bottles and the jet boil cup when adding food to it without it tipping over.

Got some cushions in a month or so coming. Must deviate from white and choose a colour, probably grey.

The 600×600 hatch went in for the main bulkhead. It’s huge, but needs to be that size to get through with any degree of ease. I put some hand holds in either side of the bulkhead, seem to work well. The headroom is a bit limited, but fine really.

The Gebo hatch is a great bit of kit, good price and top quality. The stays are really easy to use and effective.

Really enjoyed this part. Next it’s time to run the cabling and get the deck on.

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  1. Simon Anderson

    Beauty boat, Well done !!

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