The story of a Class Globe 580 yacht build number 46

Month: March 2021

Main cabin

Been a couple weeks of flitting between front cabin and main cabin, small jobs with the sanding and finishing off the front cabin storage lids and getting them all sealed with epoxy. That is pretty much done now and I have ordered the plumbing and skin fittings for the toilet.

The main cabin has taken plenty of time getting the floor in and fitted correctly. I cut it into 3 sections so it is easy to remove and routered a hundred odd holes for drainage and presentation. If any water gets into the boat I want it straight through the floor boards to the bilge.

The galley is coming together, small sink and a recessed place for the jetboil cup to locate. Some storage below and a place for the water container. 2 x 10l under sink that the fresh water pump will connect so the tap can function. Also installing a sea water pumped tap for cleaning.

The nav station is still a bit of WIP, dry fitting to work out cable runs. There are going to be a fair few cables going in, I’ve put in lots of access panels so should work out alright.

I’ve gone for 2 waterproof storage cupboards under the bunks. A battery in each one. The regular storage in the aft bunk area.

Started epoxy coating all the ply and getting ready for paint!

Front cabin / sea toilet

Some interesting woodwork building the frames and boarding for the division of the space in the front cabin so I can fit the sea toilet, a Jabasco Compact, height is perfect to go under the horizontal boarding for the mattress to go above.

I made three storage lockers and lids, all 9mm marine ply. Glassed it all in. There are some bits more to do on that front, but I leave the glassing for when I’ve lots to do as it has a long set-up time and laying, plus I have slow hardener so needs a couple days to set to full strength. The boarding over the toilet is in two parts with an added plank underside to aid fitting and strength.

It was very satisfying getting the toilet dry fitted and planning the water in and out pipes. They will need to run up the side of the cabin. That will be done next month when I fit all the fittings and run the cabling around the boat.

I have put some extra glass around the bow on the inside for the bowsprit attachment points. The 1/3 height bulkheads making up the lockers also act as added strength being glassed in 9mm ply.

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