Well I thought that I might get the hull flipped over by Xmas, but alas this was very optimistic. The filler and long boarding, repeat , eat, sleep, repeat is taking longer than expected.

I’ve spent many hours now on this and just put on some high build primer, an epoxy primer, rolls on, three coats back to back once the coat just tacks off. Full face respirator on for this.

So it goes on then I can black powder the hull and with a bit more long boarding I should see any low / high areas. I’m expecting a few ;-). Fingers crossed not anymore than a few!

I ended up spending almost 60 hours fairing the hull. It’s as good as I can get it staying within the realms of reality. I could probably go on forever getting is super yacht level, but I have to be realistic. This is to be used lots and by my kids too, so it’s bound to get a jew knocks. I want to enjoy it and not be overly cautious!