The story of a Class Globe 580 yacht build number 46

Month: October 2020

OAK – keel and compression posts

There are some wooden parts of the yacht that don’t come in the kit. The oak keel timbers and compression posts. I ordered the kiln dried oak which needed ripping to size and planning down to the nearest mm. Getting it nice and square aswell of course!

Luckily I have access to really neat kit to do this at the boat shop. Saved many many hours had I been doing this with my tools at home.

I drew out demand on the oak planks to maximise the return for the least amount of waste. The oak is really expensive.

The Strong Back / Jig

The B&B details give a very useful guide to making a strong back on which to build the yacht, upside down to begin with.

I followed this carefully and made it with some helpers.

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