The story of a Class Globe 580 yacht build number 46

Month: September 2020

Other Frames

The principle for the other frames is the same, some are a bit more complicated but I followed the same diligence on the measurements for as near as perfect diagonals. Enjoy!

Thats the frames done! Speedy. Actually took 37 hours. Once the first one was done the rest took shape as I got into the rhythm of wake / real work / fun work boatshop cut dryfit measure epoxy / sleep / repeat.

As a note I was slow on the IT side with the blog, obviously not all done in Nov, I started in Sept 2020.

The Frames – D to start

To start I am going to make up all the frames as I need the floor space to lay them out flat. I’ll start with a random frame. I am dry fitting them, seeing that everything lines up correctly and they are perfectly symmetrical to the nearest mm. The use of top quality Epoxy and A4 stainless screws is a must. Some of the screws used to secure the frames will be left in, so nothing but the best.

There was careful measurements to get the diagonals right. basically getting it spot on. Tolerance level was as close to zero as my eyesight would allow.

Getting the delivery to the place of build

I’ve rented some space at a local Professional Boat Builders, a part of the mezzanine level. To make life easy the boss used the forklift to fast track the height difference from wood delivery to plus 3m.

All wood up in the build zone, bit of unpacking and we are off.

The Yacht ARRIVES !

A part of me wanted to build the yacht from plans cutting and forming each and every piece of wood, then I thought, I want to sail it in 2021. I only have the evenings and odd weekend to build this yacht and I don’t want to be here in Nov 2021 still getting the frames made. So I removed a few blockers and found a company to CNC cut the pieces for me. Result.

This translates to 25 sheets of pre-cut 9mm marine ply and 20 planks of douglas fir cut for the frames. A CNC machine does what would otherwise be 200 hours of work possibly for me.

The whole yacht should take 400 hours for me, I’ll record these and all the materials used.

So neat and tidy. Delivered on time and in perfect condition. Does not look enough to build a 19ft yacht though. Thanks to for the kit. Great service, highly recommend.

I ordered the ply and the stringers kit. Works out a good price for BS1088 Okoume 9mm Marine Plywood compared to buying it myself especially when you find that many many of the frames are curved.

Time to get set-up tomorrow.

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